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🎬LA film production house with💵$700k marketing spend (est.). Promoting upcoming slate of films.

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Brand / Company Name

LA Niche Entertainment (Example Company)





Growth Stage




Marketing Spend (estimate)

$500,001 – $1m

About / Summary

LA Niche Entertainment, established in 2014, is a Los Angeles-based film production house known for its innovative approach to storytelling and film-making. Situated in the heart of Hollywood, it specializes in creating content that appeals to diverse audiences, with a particular focus on niche and underrepresented genres.

The company was founded by Ava Martinez and Noah Kim, two experienced filmmakers with a shared vision of creating a platform for stories that defy traditional norms. Martinez, an acclaimed director with a background in independent film, and Kim, a producer known for his work in documentary cinema, brought their unique perspectives to form LA Niche Entertainment.

Production Focus
LA Niche Entertainment produces a variety of content, including feature films, documentaries, short films, and web series. The company is particularly recognized for its emphasis on cultural stories, experimental narratives, and socially relevant themes. It has carved out a reputation for itself by producing films that challenge the status quo and spark meaningful conversations. Innovative Approach
The production house is known for its innovative use of technology and unconventional storytelling techniques. It frequently collaborates with upcoming writers, directors, and digital artists to explore new forms of cinematic expression. LA Niche Entertainment also embraces the latest in digital cinematography and post-production technologies to enhance the visual storytelling experience.

Market Position and Achievements
Since its inception, LA Niche Entertainment has gained notable recognition in the indie film circuit and among critics. Several of its productions have been featured in international film festivals and have won awards for their originality and impactful storytelling. The company has also established partnerships with streaming platforms to reach a wider audience.

Commitment to Diversity
One of LA Niche Entertainment’s core commitments is to diversity, both in front of and behind the camera. The company actively seeks to work with diverse talent and to tell stories that represent a wide array of experiences and perspectives, contributing to a more inclusive entertainment industry.

Financial Performance
The company has shown steady financial growth, with a business model that balances commercially viable projects with more artistic, niche endeavors. It has attracted investment from both independent film financiers and larger studios looking to diversify their portfolios.

Future Outlook
Looking forward, LA Niche Entertainment aims to expand its production scope, including venturing into international co-productions. It also plans to develop an incubator program for emerging filmmakers, providing them with resources, mentorship, and a platform to showcase their work.

Social Responsibility
The company is not only dedicated to creating impactful cinema but also to giving back to the community. It regularly collaborates with educational institutions and non-profits to promote film education and to support upcoming filmmakers from underprivileged backgrounds.

Current / Previous Ad Campaign Messaging

Ad 1:
Coming to theatres near you – “Whispers of the Arctic”: Uncover the Terrifying Secrets Hidden in Iceland’s Frozen Shadows

Ad 2:
Coming to theatres near you – “Manhattan Love Notes”: Get Swept Away by the Enchanting Melody of Romance in New York’s Heartbeat.

How To Pitch / Recommended Approach

Highlight Knowledge Of Audience

Important Contact

Tim Cohen (Marketing)


Email: tcohen@lanicheentertainment
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tcohenlanicheentertainment/

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