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Europe / Middle East

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5m – 6m

Strategy (Previous)

Corti’s marketing and advertising strategy centers on highlighting the benefits of its AI “co-pilot” for the healthcare industry. The company emphasizes the potential of its technology to improve care quality, lower costs, and ease administrative burdens for healthcare professionals. Through its funding announcements and case studies, Corti showcases its commitment to pioneering AI advances and the clinical impact of its platform. Corti’s marketing strategy is centred around thought leadership.


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Corti is an innovative healthtech startup based in Copenhagen, Denmark, focused on enhancing healthcare and emergency response services with artificial intelligence (AI). Founded in 2016 by Lars Maaløe and Andreas Cleve, Corti has developed a cutting-edge AI “co-pilot” that supports healthcare professionals by analyzing patient interactions in real-time, offering guidance, optimizing workflows, and assisting with documentation and quality assurance


Corti’s mission is to transform patient consultations, which have remained largely unchanged since ancient times, by providing healthcare professionals with supportive tools that reduce the time spent on administrative processes and allow for more direct patient care. The company’s AI leverages proprietary speech recognition and natural language processing technologies to offer real-time insights and suggestions, acting as an extension of the medical professional

Products / Services

Corti offers an AI-powered Medical AI Platform trained on thousands of hours of real patient calls and consultations. The platform provides intuitive decision-support software that assists dispatchers through triaging flow, improves their response, and reduces mistakes. Additionally, Corti offers AI-powered medical coding and decision support, helping medical call takers make better, more consistent decisions​

Financial Summary

Corti has seen significant financial growth, raising $60 million in Series B funding led by Prosus Ventures and Atomico, with participation from existing backers Eurazeo, EIFO, and Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker. This funding is aimed at supporting Corti’s rapid growth, continued innovation in conversational AI, and expansion of its global footprint. Prior to this, Corti secured a $27 Million Series A round in 2021, demonstrating the value of conversational AI in healthcare


Corti’s founding team comprises Lars Maaløe (CTO) and Andreas Cleve (CEO), who have combined their expertise in AI research and development with a vision to alleviate the burdens faced by healthcare professionals through AI technology


Corti’s AI solutions are deployed by major healthcare providers, insurers, and public safety agencies in Europe and the U.S., analyzing over 100 million patient interactions annually. The company’s technology has demonstrated a clinical impact by reducing medical errors, improving efficiency, and enhancing patient outcomes​

Current / Previous Ad Campaign Messaging

Ad 1:
How does the healthcare industry adopt AI solutions without adopting AI risks?
Find out at booth 1102.

Ad 2:
“As a midwife, you have to deal with a lot of information, along with making a number of important decisions. When a pregnant woman calls us, it is crucial that we ask the right questions so we can provide the correct guidance.”

– Helene Westring Hvidman, chief physician at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department at Amager og Hvidovre Hospital, and the instigator of our partnership.

Interesting News

Copenhagen-based Corti secures over €56 million aiming to revolutionise healthcare interactions globally

Corti Becomes Part of the Conversation

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Jack Lasse McInnes (Director of Brand & Communications)

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