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Big consulting firms employ various innovative and strategic marketing approaches to enhance their brand visibility and engage with potential clients. These methods range from leveraging traditional case studies and publishing insightful books to creating engaging video advertisements and utilizing digital platforms effectively.



Accenture, for example, uses case studies to showcase their successful partnerships, such as their project with Unilever, which resulted in significant savings and operational efficiencies for the company. This method not only highlights Accenture’s capabilities but also demonstrates tangible results to prospective clients​​.


Accenture’s marketing strategy embodies a dynamic blend of thought leadership, strategic partnerships, and extensive use of digital platforms. The launch of their “Let there be change” campaign, in collaboration with Droga5, marked their largest brand move in a decade, aiming to inspire organizations to embrace change. This campaign not only increased their annual media spend to $90 million but also showcased their commitment to creating value for all stakeholders​​​​.


Accenture forms strategic alliances with leading technology companies like SAP, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services, enhancing its service offerings through co-marketing and cross-promotion. These partnerships enable Accenture to access complementary skills and technologies, critical for addressing customer demands across various industries​​.


Moreover, Accenture actively participates in industry events and conferences, leveraging these platforms to demonstrate its expertise, share insights, and engage with potential clients. This approach allows the company to showcase its innovative solutions and thought leadership on a global stage​​.


Accenture’s use of data-driven insights for personalized marketing exemplifies its sophisticated approach. By analyzing customer data, the company tailors its marketing messages and strategies to meet the unique needs and preferences of its target audience. This data-centric approach ensures the effectiveness of their campaigns and enhances client engagement​​.


Finally, Accenture’s recruitment and employer branding efforts are an integral part of its marketing strategy. Utilizing digital channels and targeted campaigns, Accenture positions itself as an employer of choice, attracting top talent by showcasing career opportunities and the company’s innovative culture​​.


This comprehensive marketing approach, combining innovative advertising, strategic partnerships, data-driven personalization, and a focus on talent acquisition, illustrates Accenture’s leadership in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape and its commitment to driving value for clients, employees, and communities.


McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company takes a unique approach by educating the younger generation about consulting through “McKinsey for Kids,” a series that uses visual storytelling to explain complex problems the firm is solving in the world. This initiative not only serves educational purposes but also establishes McKinsey as a thought leader and influencer in the consulting industry​​.


McKinsey & Company’s marketing strategy focuses on delivering expert strategic management advice and has established itself as a leading management consulting firm globally. Their approach includes targeting top corporate and political leaders with a need for high-level advisory services. McKinsey doesn’t heavily invest in traditional marketing campaigns due to its well-established reputation among major firms. Their digital presence is strong, particularly on LinkedIn, which aligns with their professional audience. Additionally, McKinsey’s SEO strategy is highly effective, drawing millions of monthly visitors to their website, showcasing their digital marketing prowess​.



KPMG’s “Since Day One” video advertisement on YouTube showcases the firm’s long-standing commitment to societal issues, such as protecting democracy and assisting in crisis situations. This form of storytelling enhances KPMG’s brand by emphasizing its impact beyond the business world​​.


KPMG’s marketing strategy focuses on global reach and inclusivity, positioning itself as a leading professional services firm. Through segmentation based on location, they target corporate firms worldwide, offering audit, tax, and advisory services. Their marketing campaigns, such as “Turn Around” and “Step Into Tomorrow,” highlight inclusivity and adaptability. KPMG actively engages on social media, especially LinkedIn, to reach its professional audience. Their SEO strategies have resulted in significant organic traffic, indicating a strong digital presence. KPMG’s marketing efforts are comprehensive, leveraging digital platforms to enhance visibility and engagement​.



Ernst and Young have partnered with CNBC for their “Business Interrupted” series, aimed at executives navigating the COVID-19 crisis. This partnership enables EY experts to provide practical tips and strategies, establishing the firm as a helpful and knowledgeable resource during challenging times​​.


EY’s marketing strategy focuses on offering comprehensive professional services globally. They position themselves as a leader in financial consulting, aiming to serve industries across the board. Their marketing campaigns, such as “NextWave” and a multi-million dollar brand initiative in 2017, highlight their foresight and adaptability in the transformative age of business. With a strong presence on LinkedIn, EY leverages social media for promotional and informational content. Their SEO strategies have led to significant organic traffic, emphasizing their digital prowess. Influencer marketing and mobile apps further enhance their reach and service accessibility.


Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group’s “Challenge Yourself” video ad highlights the personal passions and extracurricular activities of its consultants, humanizing the brand and showing that their employees lead fulfilling lives beyond work, which can make the firm more relatable and appealing to potential clients​​.


Digital strategies also play a crucial role in the marketing efforts of consulting firms. KPMG’s whitepapers on topics like climate change position the firm as a knowledgeable and leading change agent in critical global issues, reinforcing its expertise and authority in the field​​.


In addition to these creative marketing strategies, consulting firms utilize a mix of traditional and digital channels to reach and engage with their audience. This includes SEO, paid online advertising, social media, email marketing, presence on consulting platforms, and participation in local events​​. Each of these channels serves to increase visibility, generate leads, and establish the firms as thought leaders in their respective areas of expertise.


The marketing efforts of big consulting firms are multifaceted and strategically designed to showcase their strengths, expertise, and impact. By employing a mix of traditional and digital marketing tactics, these firms successfully engage their target audience and position themselves as leaders in the consulting industry.


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