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📈London based high growth crypto company with 💷$200k marketing spend (est.). Europe focus.

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Marketing Spend (estimate)

$100,001 – $200,000

About / Summary

Iconomi is a prominent figure in the digital asset management sector, offering a comprehensive platform for both novices and experts in blockchain to manage and invest in digital assets. Let’s delve into the company’s aspects, including its foundation, market strategy, fund-raising efforts, and more.

Founding and Leadership
Established: 2016
Headquarters: Ljubljana, Slovenia, with an additional office in London, UK.
Founders: Co-founded by Tim M. Zagar and Jani Valjavec, both serving as non-executive directors.
Key Executives: Peter Curk (CEO), Ian Ladd Gibbon (CRO & MLRO), and Robert Znidar (Shareholder).

To make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, leveraging a team’s extensive experience in blockchain and diverse professional backgrounds​​.

Market Strategy
Iconomi’s market strategy is multifaceted, focusing on providing a user-friendly platform for digital asset management that stands apart from traditional exchanges. The strategy encompasses offering an alternative to exchange trading by specializing in asset portfolio management. Iconomi is aiming to lead in asset portfolio management and contribute to the industry’s growth through social trading and white labelling services.

Fundraising and Finances
Total Funding: $10.6 million. The company has navigated the competitive landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by securing funds to bolster its platform and services​​.

Size and Scope
Global Reach: With a location also in London, Iconomi’s influence spans across different markets, aiming to cater to a global audience. Trusted by over 100,000 users worldwide, demonstrating the platform’s significant impact and acceptance within the digital asset management community​​.

Services and Offerings
Iconomi provides a broad array of services designed to simplify the management and investment in digital assets. Key offerings include:
ICONOMI Wealth: A platform that empowers asset managers with expert services to access digital assets efficiently. This service aims to cut down high costs and complexities associated with digital asset management, ensuring the safeguarding of investor assets through cold storage solutions. Asset managers can access a suite of services including trading on global exchanges, compliance frameworks, custody, and regulatory clarity​​.
Automation and Efficiency: By automating back-office processes and offering a compliance framework, ICONOMI Wealth allows asset managers to focus on managing crypto investment strategies while reducing operational costs​​.
Security and Custody: Ensuring the security of investor assets is paramount, with ICONOMI providing solutions for secure asset custody and reducing the risk associated with digital asset investment​​.

Strategic Vision
Iconomi’s vision encompasses building trust through transparency and becoming a pivotal player in the management of digital assets as the industry evolves. By offering a platform that simplifies entry into the crypto world and providing tools for effective asset management, Iconomi is poised to influence the future of personal and business finance management in the digital currency space​​.

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Important Contact

Tony Fernandez


Email: anthony.fernandez@iconomi.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-fernandez-36a732a6/

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