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Mission Zero Technologies





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Estimated Marketing Budget

1m – 2m

Strategy (Previous)

Mission Zero Technologies engages in strategic partnerships with pioneers in CO2 utilization, project developers, engineers, and scientists worldwide. By showcasing their technology’s versatility and its application in sustainable fuels and building materials, they effectively communicate their mission to reinvent carbon for a thriving planet. Their achievements, such as the deployment of DAC plants and partnerships for sustainable aviation fuel production, play a crucial role in their marketing efforts, highlighting their contribution to the carbon revolution


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Mission Zero Technologies, established in 2020, is pioneering in the clean energy sector with its focus on direct air capture (DAC) technology to address carbon dioxide pollution. The company, headquartered in London, UK, aims to revolutionize the way carbon is managed, seeking to transform atmospheric CO2 from a waste product into a valuable resource for various industries​


The foundation of Mission Zero Technologies was led by an ambitious trio of climate-first scientists: Nicholas Chadwick, Shiladitya Ghosh, and Gaël Gobaille-Shaw. The company achieved a milestone by signing its first customer contract with Stripe in May 2021, marking an important step in their journey towards carbon revolution. Subsequently, they established their first R&D lab in East London in April 2022 and deployed their first DAC plant at the University of Sheffield in December 2023 to pioneer sustainable jet fuel production

Products / Services

Their technology provides a versatile and efficient solution for capturing atmospheric CO2, which can then be permanently removed or used to displace fossil carbons in products and processes. This includes turning CO2 into rock for permanent removal, creating sustainable building materials, and producing e-fuels. Significant projects like Deep Sky in Canada and collaborations with Sheffield University and O.C.O Technology in the UK demonstrate Mission Zero’s capacity for impactful innovation

Financial Summary

Mission Zero Technologies has successfully raised significant funding to fuel its innovative projects, including a $5 million round led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures. This investment underscores the potential of Mission Zero’s technology, which utilizes electricity for CO2 capture, offering flexibility and scalability​


The company’s leadership comprises Nicholas Chadwick as the CEO, Shiladitya Ghosh as the Chief Operations Officer, and Gaël Gobaille-Shaw as the Chief Technology Officer. Their combined expertise spans environmental chemistry, chemical engineering, and electrochemistry, focusing on leveraging CO2 as a resource to replace oil


Mission Zero Technologies has been recognized for its innovative approach to carbon capture, with its technology enabling the production of carbon-negative building materials in partnership with O.C.O Technology. This collaboration is part of the UK Government’s initiative to support green technology development, emphasizing the importance of DAC technologies in achieving Net Zero targets

Current / Previous Ad Campaign Messaging

Ad 1:
Nestled in a railway arch in East London, you’ll find the blue door of our first lab.
Since 2020, we’ve convinced some of the sharpest minds in electrochemistry and chemical engineering to step inside.

Ad 2:
✅ New milestone: 1,000 hours of operation!
Our in-house test stand has just completed a landmark run time — operating night and day, through minus temperatures and rainy weather, to recover CO₂ from the air.

Interesting News

Bill Gates-backed Mission Zero raises £22m for direct air capture

Mission Zero Technologies turns on UK’s first direct air capture plant with the University of Sheffield

How To Pitch / Recommended Approach

Highlight Knowledge Of Audience

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Emily H (Marketing and Branding Lead)

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