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Cult Mia





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Estimated Marketing Budget

200,001 – 500,000

Strategy (Previous)

Cult Mia’s marketing strategy emphasizes its commitment to sustainability, minority empowerment, social consciousness, and protecting local heritage crafts. For every item sold, Cult Mia donates £2 to a charity related to one of its four causes: Cult Eco, Cult Power, Cult Conscious, or Cult Local. This approach not only highlights the platform’s core values but also engages customers in a more conscious shopping experience​​.

Cult Mia stands out in the crowded online fashion market by focusing on sustainability, ethical practices, and the uniqueness of its curated collections, appealing to consumers looking for more than just the latest trends but pieces that carry deeper meaning and stories.


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Cult Mia is a distinctive online fashion marketplace that prides itself on curating unique, conversation-starting pieces from around the globe. The platform is dedicated to featuring see-and-be-seen hero pieces that are not just fashionable for the moment but are set to make an impact for years to come.

Cult Mia serves as a global fashion platform, scouting the world for standout pieces that are ethically produced, embody style and storytelling, and encourage wearers to express their individuality boldly. The company differentiates itself by offering a curated selection of items that go beyond transient trends, focusing instead on pieces that are meant to start conversations and become long-lasting treasures in one’s wardrobe.


Founded by Nina Briance, Cult Mia has positioned itself as the home of unknown brands that deserve recognition. The platform’s mission is to lift independent fashion designers by providing an easy and direct way for consumers to discover and shop these brands online. Briance’s vision for Cult Mia stemmed from a desire to break away from the cycle of copycat trends and instead spotlight ethical, unique fashion that tells a story.

Products / Services

Cult Mia offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and jewelry, including dresses, jumpsuits, knitwear, lingerie, outfit sets, bags, fine jewelry, and shoes among others. The products are categorized by type, style, and featured designers, showcasing a diverse selection from emerging fashion talents across the globe​.

Financial Summary

Cult Mia, based in London, successfully secured €2.8 million in a seed funding round aimed at enhancing its presence in the conscious luxury fashion sector online. The investment was spearheaded by Fuel Ventures, with contributions from notable entities such as David Wertheimer, Morgan Stanley, and WomanKind Ventures. This financing will support Cult Mia’s efforts in technology automation, optimizing customer acquisition and retention, and expanding its team. Since its inception by Nina Briance in October 2019, the platform has demonstrated significant business efficiency, outperforming industry averages in gross margin, return rates, and customer acquisition costs.


Nina Briance, the founder and CEO of Cult Mia, is at the helm, leading the charge in curating and promoting independent fashion designers from across the globe. The company’s approach involves meticulous scouting and vetting of new designers, emphasizing quality, craft respect, and unique aesthetics​.


Cult Mia was recognized as the 2023 Winner of Drapers Best Independent Pure Player, an award that highlights the company’s excellence in the online retail space, particularly within the independent fashion sector.

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London-based Cult Mia raises €2.8 million to lead the online way in conscious luxury fashion

Cult Mia’s voyage of global brand discovery

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Paola Ramos (Marketing Co-ordinator)

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