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📢Marketing artificial intelligence (AI) company with 💷£650k marketing spend (est.). B2B focus.

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Early Stage



Estimated Marketing Budget

500,001 – 1m

Strategy (Previous)

Arcane’s approach includes building a community of marketers to share the latest tech and tactics for high-growth startups. This community-building effort, coupled with the offering of early access to their platform for interested marketers, indicates a strategy focused on engagement and value delivery to the marketing community​​​​.

Arcane’s journey from Coral to its current state highlights an innovative approach to utilizing AI in marketing, with a keen focus on making marketers’ jobs more efficient and effective.


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Arcane is an innovative artificial intelligence company that serves as an AI Copilot for modern marketers, aiming to revolutionize how marketing professionals manage their workflows and data analysis. Arcane focuses on empowering marketers by automating repetitive and time-intensive tasks. It leverages AI to help users access insights faster, using full campaign data to unlock deeper insights, thereby accelerating workflows significantly. The platform is designed to empower modern marketers by offloading mundane tasks, thus allowing them to concentrate on strategic and creative aspects of marketing that require human intelligence.


Originally known as Coral, Arcane rebranded to better align with its mission of harnessing AI technologies for the benefit of marketers. The transition from Coral to Arcane was driven by the desire to encapsulate the powerful, magical capabilities of AI technologies and their potential to unlock significant value for marketers worldwide. This rebranding reflects the company’s vision to give every individual the power of a team, marking a new chapter in leveraging AI for marketing effectiveness.

Products / Services

Arcane provides a suite of tools tailored for content marketers, social media marketers, and performance marketers. These tools automate tasks such as email QA, engagement sentiment analysis, keyword research, performance reporting, comment responding, content repurposing, spend analysis, and competitor ad research. By integrating these functionalities into one platform, Arcane significantly reduces manual effort and time spent on data management and analysis, enabling marketers to focus more on creative and strategic tasks​.

Financial Summary

Specific financial details about Arcane, such as funding or revenue figures, were not disclosed on the public sections of their website visited. However, the company has shown a clear commitment to growth and innovation, suggesting a strong backing and investment in AI technology for marketing.


The co-founders of Arcane, Ben & Jeremy, led the rebranding from Coral to Arcane. Their leadership is central to Arcane’s mission of making AI accessible and useful for modern marketers, aiming to alleviate the challenges marketers face with traditional tools and methodologies.


Arcane has successfully initiated its beta testing, onboarding users and design partners to explore and utilize its array of features aimed at enhancing marketing efforts across different channels. This step signifies Arcane’s commitment to refining its offerings and addressing the real-world needs of marketers through AI-driven solutions​.

Current / Previous Ad Campaign Messaging

“The AI Copilot for modern marketers”
Your marketing assistant

“🤩 Modern Marketers: Say hello to the new way of working! 🤩”

With Arcane you can:

1. Ask questions about your data and campaigns 🤔
2. Schedule tasks to be ready when you need them 📅
3. Refine your deliverables to get them juuust right 🪛

Still got questions? We’ve made an awesome video to tell you more about how Arcane works 👀

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Jeremy Frenay (Cofounder)

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