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🌱Plant based food technology company💶€5 million marketing spend (est.). B2B content focus.

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Europe / Middle East

Growth Stage



B2B, B2C

Estimated Marketing Budget

5m – 6m

Strategy (Previous)

Thought leadership and PR focused, their unique value proposition and advancements in plant-based food technology likely play a central role in their marketing efforts, targeting flexitarians, vegetarians, and vegans seeking meat alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or texture.


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Umiami is a pioneering French food-tech startup focused on the development of plant-based food technologies to reduce meat consumption. They’re notable for their innovative approach to creating plant-based whole-cuts that mimic the taste, texture, and smell of traditional meat, using a proprietary technology known as “umisation.”


Founded in 2019 and based in Paris, Umiami aims to address animal welfare concerns and contribute to the expansion of the plant-based meat industry. Their technology enables the production of plant-based products, such as cod and chicken fillets, that feature long aligned fibers and a thickness of up to 10 cm, making them unique in the market​.

Umiami was officially launched in May 2020 by Tristan Maurel, Martin Habfast, and Hugo Dupuis. The company quickly gained attention for its ground-breaking ‘texturing’ technology, which is a novel alternative to traditional extrusion techniques used by most plant-based meat producers.

Products / Services

Umiami markets tasty vegan fillets, such as their flagship Umiami Chicken Fillet, which is plant-based, 100% vegan, and boasts an ‘A’ Nutriscore. They continue to work on the development of new plant-based products, leveraging their proprietary “umisation” technology.

Financial Summary

Umiami has successfully raised significant funding to support its innovative projects and expansion. Initially, they completed a seed funding round of €2.3 million, supported by notable institutions and investors. Following this, they secured $30 million in a Series A financing round, demonstrating strong investor confidence in their technology and market potential.


The startup was co-founded by Tristan Maurel (CEO), Martin Habfast (Sales Director), and Hugo Dupuis (Technical Director), all of whom come from strong academic and professional backgrounds. The company plans to expand its team significantly to ramp up industrial production.


Among its achievements, Umiami’s innovative approach has enabled them to offer less than eight ingredients in their products, unlike the average of thirty by competitors, prioritizing the elimination of texturizers like methylcellulose. This emphasis on simplicity and naturalness without compromising on taste or texture has set them apart in the plant-based food sector​.

Current / Previous Ad Campaign Messaging

Ad 1:
Be the First Company to Sell Plant Based Whole-Cuts

Ad 2:
🍗🌱Ein unwiderstehliches Erlebnis für Liebhaber authentischer Aromen! 😍

Interesting News

Plant-based meat alternatives firm Umiami secures €32.5M in funding for US expansion

Umiami Opens France’s First Commercial-Scale Facility for Plant-Based Whole Cuts

How To Pitch / Recommended Approach

Demonstrate Creative Approach

Marketing Person

John Hatto (Chief Revenue Officer)

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